Hiring a wedding DJ is one decision that makes a huge impact on your big day.

So much of your wedding day—from the ceremony to the reception—hinges on having the perfect atmosphere to set the mood. The wrong DJ (or really cheap DJ)  can easily kill that vibe with the wrong song selection, a misspoken word, or a missed opportunity. With EXECUTIVE DJS you could not be in safer hands.


Q - Why Use EXECUTIVE DJS when there are so many other companies out there?

A - We prefer not to make statements about "other" DJ's or companies in regards to pricing or services offered. we know that what we offer is exactly what our couples "worry " about when deciding on a DJ. We are NEVER late. we ALWAYS dress smart & behave professionally. our equipment is expensive & high standard. we do not "pitch up" with a prepared  playlist to get the night over & done with. we are probably more excited about your big day than you are! WE ensure 100% that your Isle entry will be perfect as well as your first dance. we do not use "cover versions" of songs & once the first dance kicks off we  start "working" for the next few hours to ensure YOUR legendary evening is a success!

Q - Do you take Requests?

A - Sure we do! you will find that 90% of the requests are pretty awesome songs that would either be "part" of the evening or songs that even we have not heard in a long time! BUT in the end our main responsibility is to keep the dance floor packed & not have the "up & down" vibe or "full & empty" situations, so if we feel that the requested song may clear the floor or offend any other guests, we may decline to play it.

Q - What Equipment do you use?

A - As Professional DJ's we need to ensure full compliance when it comes to your big day. We pride ourselves on using High Quality Expensive Sound to make your day & night unforgettable. We do not use powered speakers. we are a bit old skool in the sense that should something fail, we have back up equipment on everything, even something as simple as a speaker cable.

JBL & WHARFEDALE        Speakers (Back up speakers available)

CROWN                             Amplifiers (Additional Power Amps available)

PIONEER                            Powered & cordless PA System for Forest / Beach & Non Powered Ceremonies

Macbook                            Air Lap Tops With Software (2 x Macbook Air Lap Tops - 1 x Full Backup)

JBS Controller                   that runs accordingly with the MACBOOK & the latest licensed DJ Software

BEHRINGER                      mixer / mixing desk - purely used for back up availability

SURE SM58                       Main Cordless Microphone as well as a SAMSON C8 Back Up Microphone

DJ SCREEN                       A Professional White Screen that covers up all wiring & equipment.

Q - Can we provide a "playlist"?

A - Off course you can! we provide our couples with a edit easy "blueprint" of their big day. this covers pretty much everything we will need. ceremony requirements, formal songs, special requests, age group, the DO NOT play list, "Songs we LOVE" etc. on this document we supply our couples with the opportunity to tell us as much a possible about the big day & all the "important " stuff we need to know!

Q - Do we get the DJ we pay for / book?

A -YES. when you book & confirm with us, you will receive a standard agreement / contract which will stipulate the assigned DJ for your big day. we are 3 DJ's so should anything change or a emergency "sneak in", there will be 2 other available DJ's assigned to EXECUTIVE DJS to take over. in a very extreme situation, EXECUTIVE DJS may use a "Booking Agency" to replace the DJ but in 900 weddings this has never happened!

Q - How do we know that EXECUTIVE DJS can get the dance floor going & keep it going?

A -Very good & very important question! we believe our company success lies in the ability to "read" our crowds. having many years of experience we can almost get a feel for the evening long before the first dance. we provide pretty cool pre-drinks background music & a great feel good vibey dinner playlist which will "tell" us what we need to know. also, very importantly we are "working" dj's. from the first song. we use the first hours & cover a few genres from the 60s to the 80s, some "old skool" 90s music, a bit of Rock & Roll, a few latest songs etc to ensure we cater to ALL your guests especially family & friends that has traveled far. by the end of the 1st hour we will know exactly how to proceed with the evening & adjust out songs accordingly by "watching" the dance floor all the time. this is also why it is crucial to set us up as close to the dance floor as possible without any obstructions.

Q - Can we meet our DJ before the time?

A -Another tricky question. because we are so scattered all over KZN, we will try our best to meet the couple in person to discuss any questions or concerns. However over the years we have found that our clients  are more comfortable with SKYPE or VIDEO calls or just keeping everything in black & white on email.

Q - What does your fees include?

A -WE believe that what makes us different is that we try & keep things as simple & stress free as possible. out full quoted fees will always include the following :

Ceremony with Full Sound & Cordless Microphone. We DO have a powered PA system for the forest & beach / other ceremonies where the venue may not have power in those locations

Canapes / Pre-Drinks with sound & cordless microphone. the playlist is funky & vibey & really sets the mood before entering the main reception.

Main Event/ Reception with Full Sound, Cordless Microphones, Dance Floor Lighting until 1am. Should you require the DJ to play after 1am, additional rates will be applied

Travelling Expenses are included in the fee quoted

Accommodation will be required should the reception go past midnight & or more than 100kms from destination. this is to be discussed during the initial contact

On any given day / event a DJ will spend at least 2 to 8 hours on the road & have a full day of anything between 16 - 22 hours. We provide the best sound to ensure no disruptions & create the biggest & best parties based on experience.

Q - Do we play "cheesy music"

A -AS a rule of thumb, no we dont! the only time we will however is if the couple stipulates it beforehand & have it on the do's & dont's OR if the vibe late at night kind of just "falls" in that direction, BUT then it will also be 1 or 2 of the really great ones! in the end, we are there to entertain & keep the floor packed until the end!